Thursday, August 13, 2009

Kitty Daisy and Lewis

Kitty, Daisy & Lewis are the most talented 3-piece band, each of them are multi-instrumentalists, they play guitar, piano, banjo, lapsteel guitar, harmonica, double bass, ukulele, drums, trombone, xylophone and accordion. After a while, they also have included their dad (Graeme) on acoustic guitar and then mum (Ingrid) on double bass.

Kitty Durham is the youngest of the group, now she is 16, she primarily sings and plays drums, harmonica, ukulele, banjo, trombone and guitar.

Lewis Durham, now 19 is the middle child who sings & plays guitar, piano, banjo, lapsteel and drums.

Daisy Durham is the eldest, she is now 21 is the eldest she primarily sings and plays drums, piano, accordion and xylophone.

They have supported artists such as Jools Holland, Mika, Billy Bragg, Mark Ronson and Razorlight at London’s Earls Court Arena.

They have featured in Vogue and performed on Blue Peter.

The band featured in the 2008 documentary We Dreamed America about the influence of American roots music on British musicians.

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  1. Saw you cats on Late Night, last night! My first exposure to you three has made me a fan and I'll be peeping your album with the quickness ^_^

    Looking forward to listening to more!
    Soul Bro Ryu